The Holidays;

Well, it’s Sunday night and I am finally over my holiday hang over. Between the prep and day of activities, I was exhausted beyond belief!

This is going to be a short-ish entry but family finally got to see the two sides to Bella, whether they fully understood or not is another issue.

First was Thanksgiving at our house. Family was bringing over main dishes and sides and my job was the pies. Bella and her brother “helped” me make them and for the most part it was successful. Bella did very well when everyone came over and even sat and ate with us at the table which is unheard of. Even days leading up to this I couldn’t get her to sit anywhere but her couch to eat. She still wouldn’t try many of the new foods on the table but two helpings of ham and mashed potatoes was a win in my book considering she has never really had ham before. She fell asleep on her mom mom and even though she woke up briefly, she did go back to sleep on her own with no issue.

Now we move onto thanksgiving part 2…all hell breaks lose. We went to her cousins grandparents house (my sisters in laws) and from the moment we got through the door I knew it would be a dine and dash situation. In hind sight it was 100% my fault because I decided not to give her CBD before leaving since it tends to make her a little sleepy after she first takes it. I was hoping to at least get through dinner and maybe give it to her than but alas…I was a dummy. Mind you this is a house shes been too twice as well so double fail on my part. The way the house is set up is there is a circular layout so you can walk in the kitchen around to the dining room and through the living room and be back where you started. For 30 minutes she walked around this loop i would only assume to see if it ever ended. She would not take off her coat and would not sit down even after showing her a full plate of various foods we knew she loved. After I finished my plate I got up to keep a closer eye on her and this only made things escalate. It turned into “lets keep away from mommy at lightning speeds” and even if i looked at her she took off. After another 10-15 minutes of trying to calm her down i had to throw in the towel. She started getting more brazen and was setting her sites on glass figurines on the mantle. We quickly said our goodbyes and darted for the car.

Like I said in hindsight, I really should’ve taken my chances of her being a tiny bit sleepy vs full on stimming but I had it in my head that she was good the other night so what did I have to worry about. Looking back at the fact that she was in her own environment for the first meal and that she had gotten her medicine I can only figure I had a false sense of confidence. I don’t look at it as a defeat however but a learning experience for me and her.

Anyway I lied about not being exhausted and I think now that I got all this out of my head I will get some rest because tomorrow is the first day in 4 days that the kids are back in school. ::cue inner cheers::


One thought on “The Holidays;

  1. Sounds like my daughter. I always am so thankful when we make it through going to other peoples houses with nothing getting broke. LOL. You sound like an amazing Mom, who just wanted your daughter to experience the day without being sleepy.


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