CBD; What? why? how?



So what is CBD? Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid constituent of cannabis. It is one of at least 113 cannabinoids identified in hemp plants, and was discovered in 1940. But why are we hearing so much about it now? Simply put is increased research and awareness. After it was discovered a certain strain called “Charlotte’s web” was highly successful at treating seizures in children and adults, it slowly began gaining popularity by parents seeking non-big pharma options for their kids. It also popped back onto the radars of parents with non-verbal kids recently as more and more people were finding it helped their child begin speaking. I have used it for almost a year now for anxiety and it wasn’t until a lengthy conversation with my pediatrician that I thought of using it for Bella. I have to admit like many parents I was skeptical at first that it could even help, but a small part of me asked what it? What if I never tried it, and it could be a missing link to get her talking? What if we could lower, or even eliminate her current medication? While I still have a small fear of backlash from others, which I’ve already experienced in some capacity, the potential benefits still kept eating at me.

So that brings me to why? Well as i stated obviously the biggest why is because I had to know if it could work for her. In the image listed below, these are some of the already proven benefits of CBD. The biggest thing parents usually first turn to CBD for is the anti-convulsion factor. Since children with Autism can be prone to seizure disorders, CBD can be a alternative or companion to tradition medications. Various viral videos which I


am sure you’ve seen have also proven how fast it can stop a seizure in its tracks especially when you can’t get someone to take a pill during a seizure. Another big one is the anti-inflammatory factor. MANY studies have shown that there is a strong gut connection to autism symptoms. A lot of info out there if you go to Dr. Google will suggest diet changes first and foremost to reduce gut inflammation to treat autism. Without further research we wont know for sure right now if this is why CBD has worked for most children on the spectrum but it is one that stood out for me. Lastly the anti-oxidant component. With autism already being a nuero-developmental disorder, anything that may preserve and combat degeneration was also huge for me.

**DISCLAIMER** I don’t normally use disorder but for purposes of this article I used the word. I apologize if that offends anyone. I’ve learned over the years to see autism differently but also understand my POV may be different than yours. **

Lastly we arrive at how? Well if you’ve ever looked it up you will find it can get VERY expensive…like anywhere from 75-400 dollars a bottle and that will only last you 1-2 months depending on the strength and frequency of use. While I have bought/have used pre-made oil, I took to the professionals on the internet and found its fairly simple to make a version of CBD oil at home with olive oil.

You will need:
1/4 oz of CBD flower in your preferred strain
A grinder (I used a coffee grinder)
6 Tablespoons of Olive oil
6 Tablespoons of Water
A pot or pan **Needs to be small enough so liquid and oil have descent separation**
A cooking thermometer

img_0917.jpgSo first I grabbed my flower. I was actually donated this flower from an awesome grower who works for Cannalina  which is a family owned company in North Carolina. He heard how I was struggling to afford more oil for her and graciously sent me some to see if it would help so if you can help thank him by taking a look at their site/social media pages and maybe even purchasing through them in the future I’d really appreciate it. Anyway, once you separate the stems from the flower and then grind it up into a fine powder (it will almost look like kinetic sand when you dump it out which was entertaining) you will then add it to the oil and water in the pot and then gradually turn the heat up on your stove until you reach a slow boil. You can kind of see from the picture what I mean by


“slow boil” but for those who don’t it is going to be just tiny bubbles reaching the service but the service maintains fairly smooth. With your thermometer inserted into the liquid you will also watch that it never goes above 200 degrees. (about 93 degrees Celsius) This (from what I read) is the best temp so that the water doesn’t burn off to quickly and so that you get the combustion needed to the CBD infuses with the oil. You will want to do this for about 30 minutes or until most of the water has evaporated. Also should note that your kitchen/house will be very fragrant during this process. If you need to have a fan or open window handy during it.

After the time is up you than wait for it to cool, about another 10-20 minutes and you simply grab some cheese cloth over a container and strain out the larger particles of CBD flower from the oil. Now I don’t know if it was just me or if it was supposed to happen but mine did come out dark. It wasn’t burnt and could’ve just been that I grinded the CBD so finely but whatever it was, it still worked and didn’t taste grainy so it was a success in my book.

The final step to remember is to refrigerate the product overnight so the oil will harden slightly and separate from the remaining water. This will make it easier to ensure you only have the CBD infused oil left over. If you are impatient like me you can use a dropper to remove the oil from the surface of the water but this is also VERY TIME CONSUMING.

I plan on experimenting with a few tweaks in the future but you get the idea. Also for those who want to try and just make CBD butter to cook into edibles the rule of thumb is 1 stick of butter per 1/4 oz. I will include a detailed instruction on this for those who are unsure, as well as some recipes and reviews in later postings.


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